Adorable baby capuchin, squirrel and marmoset monkeys ready for good homes.

Adorable baby capuchin, squirrel and marmoset monkeys ready for good homes. All babies are on the bottle and wearing diapers.Babies come with all paper work including health certificate.Babies are Raised in our home with dogs, cats kits. We have been working with monkeys for over 12 years. All babies come with starter kits including bottles, diapers, formula, baby blankets & toys.Our babies are vet checked and come with a health certificate. Feel free to contact us now if you feel you can give a good home to one of our babies.
Leeds Birds & Exotic

tamed hyacinth macaw for sale

Hyacinth macaw male and female really tame nearly three years old dna sexed closed rung cites papers. Available hyacinth macaw, Green Winged Macaw, bue and gold, black palm cockatoo, Cockatoo, Shamrock Macaw, millitary macaw and more etc...They are 3years old, says loads of words and answers when spoken to. They are very friendly and tame, loves being held, and sitting out doors (garden) he has had wings clipped so can’t fly. His a great bird will be a very sad sale. Goes by the name Biggy and clydie Comes with large cage and toys. We are looking for a forever loving home for him, who has the times to give him as these types of birds need attention. Contact me at: [email protected] Contact me at: [email protected] Contact me at: geraldwaynekiser (at) gmail.com
Canary Wharf Birds & Exotic

Cat Spraying No More

Cat Spraying No More - New York, New York, United States

Use THIS and your cat will ALWAYS pee in its litter box 

Hi everyone,

If you’ve got a cat that keeps peeing all over your house, it becomes annoying after a while. 

The bad smells and the effort involved in cleaning up makes life a misery. 

So much so that some people consider getting rid of their cat...

Cuz that seems to be the only logical way to solve the problem. 

But the great news is you don’t have to do this. 

You CAN keep your cat and stop the problem. 


All you have to do is try “Cat Spraying No More”.

It’s a PROVEN step-by-step system guaranteed to stop your cat peeing outside its litter box.

You’ll discover how to use your cat’s own instincts to stop the problem. 

And it’s also backed up by a 60-day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk.  

Go here to find out more…

===>>>   https://tinyurl.com/yourcatsprayingnomore   <<<===

Talk soon, 


Cats vs Babies: The brain-based difference

Cats vs Babies: The brain-based difference - New York, New York, United States

Dear Fellow Cat Owner,


It's a funny thing about cats and babies.


When babies cry, we desperately try to understand why.


When a cat meows on the other hand, we usually take it as if he's just being annoying.


Well, to be fair, it depends on the pitch of the meow. If it's more of a screech, well then you and I probably take that as a sign to stay away ;-)


But not with babies. Have you ever wondered why the different treatment?


Why do people put extra time into analyzing baby behaviors compared to cats?


I mean, both are obviously trying to say something to us.


And we know from research that cats have a language of their own.


In fact the meows you hear could be one of 20 different sounds they're making, all with slightly different inflections and behavioral responses.


Jonas Jurgella, Ph.D animal researcher specializing in human-to-animal communications, says that you and I could understand what our cats are trying to say if we only listened and interpreted.


And both are quite easy to do.


For example, did you know that an intimidated or embarrassed cat will literally retract his neck as he crouches his body down, almost as if to fold himself away and out of existence?


"Now why would an animal do such a thing?" you ask.


Well, and I say this with a slight bit of pride myself as a fellow cat owner: cats are one of the most sophisticated animals we know about in terms of emotional range. This affords them the opportunity for embarrassment (for better or for worse).


Your average adult cat has a brain comparable to a human adolescent in many ways. That's no small feat.


Dogs, in comparison, can never quite get past a five-year-old's more narrow emotional spectrum. It's either happy or sad for them.


And this is where learning the latest research in communications with our four-legged feline friends can help us.


We can now learn the full range of complex emotions we previously thought were reserved only for human beings -- as they are actually happening to our cat children.


? Cats can have a sense of guilt, for example. And if you can spot the emotions, you'll know exactly when they misbehave!


? Cans can feel lonely, as we already pointed out. And oftentimes they'll try and hide from you, much like a teenager who secretly needs to be consoled in some way.


? Cats can even be manipulative. But you already knew that, or at least suspected it every time your cat showed you some warmth and love right before chow time!


Bottom line is this if you truly want to develop a deep connection with your cat, treat them just like you'd treat a baby. Their brains are not so different (and in some ways, MORE advanced)


By now you realize the vast potential to develop a deeper connection and provide better care to your four legged friend.


And this is just the beginning...


PhD researcher Jonas Jurgella has put together what I consider to be the “In-field guide” for understanding cat communication.


I got a chance to talk to this fellow cat owner and professional. A passion to understand his beloved pet at a deep level was breathtaking. He told me the urge drove him straight into the middle of the cat communication field.


This is where it all goes down for us cat lovers. The professional effort to decipher and understand their sounds and behaviors was (and is still) being done in their labs and clinics.


Have you ever wanted to understand your cat? And respond back? Then do check out the Cat Language Bible by Dr. Jurgella. You can watch his FREE video presentation here  ===>>>   https://tinyurl.com/howtotalktoyourcat   <<<===





Beautiful Ragdoll kittens

Beautiful Ragdoll kittens - Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom

Lovely ragdoll kittens, two seal mitted tortie girls, one mitted red boy and one red boy.  Lovely friendly kittens reared in our home as I only have their mother and a neutered boy.  Both parents are HCM clear, kittens will be registered with the GCCF, microchipped, vaccinated and come with four weeks insurance.   Born 3.8.2017. Vet checked at vaccinations, wormed and eating well. (wet and dry)


Best Cat Sitter in Melbourne - Cats R Us

Best Cat Sitter in Melbourne - Cats R Us - Melbourne, Australia, Australia

Do you require cat minding services in the Melbourne area? Are you searching for a reliable Cat Sitter for your lovely cat in the Melbourne area? Cats ‘R’ Us provides accommodation for cats which has a number of facilities to help cats enjoy their stay.

Now its possible to keep your cat safe with the help of our cat friendly services. We provide trained cat sitter for Cat Minding purposes so that your cat can be well taken care of.

We take full care of hygiene and feed only high quality food. We hope that you will give us a chance to serve you. For acquiring additional information about our expert services please visit us today!


Seeking a DEAF Cat

Seeking a DEAF Cat - Folkestone Kent, , United Kingdom

Looking for a Deaf cat to be a live in companion for a Deaf lady in Folkestone Kent. Will obviously need to be litter trained as won't be going outside due to his or her daefness. I've tried some of the local charities but that either don't currently have any or like Lord Whisky animal sanctury (say's with sough in throat) ignore my severl attampts at contacting them entirely. Would love to hear from you. Contact ust be via email due to my Deafness. Thank you.


Birman Seal and Blue Point Kittens ready to leave now indoor cats

Birman Seal and Blue Point Kittens ready to leave now indoor cats - Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Beautiful blue eyed Ragdoll kittens are ready to leave this week.
A mixed litter with Mitted Blue and Seal Point, Blue Colour Point.
 Both parants can be sen and handled and both have the classic Ragdoll temperment been layed back and trusting, they are both full pedigree. Dam is a pretty Birman Mitted Seal Point and Sire is Seal Blue Point and has a five generation family history, also carries the Flame gene,
 Very sociable, playful and affectionate for indoor pets only.
 Fully weened, litter trained, wormed and flea treated. Due for first part of vaccinations anytime from now.
 Loving family homes ony please, no papers come with the kittens.

Birmingham Cats

Luxurious Cat Hotel in Melbourne | Cats R Us

Luxurious Cat Hotel in Melbourne | Cats R Us - Officer, , Australia

Are you planning to travel in near future and have cats as your pets? Cats 'R' Us are the ultimate destination for you to resort in Melbourne! We provide luxury Cat Hotels for your lovely cats. Let your furry friend have a happy holiday with us!

The Cat Hotel has a charming decor and a piped music is played to ensure that they feel homely. Our service staff members are well-trained to take care of the cats. We even have the facility of a vet on call! Above all, you can be sure that your cats are relishing delicious and nutritious gourmet diets.

Delight your pets by leaving them with us! They are surely in safe hands. For more information, call us directly at (03) 9707 4740.


Russian Blue Kittens For Loving Family

Russian Blue Kittens For Loving Family - Leeds, [email protected], United Kingdom

Hello everyone, with painful heart we are selling our lovely Cat. She is adorable, gentle and loving pet. She is socialised as has grown with 2 little kids (5 and 2 year old cheeky monkeys). We are moving abroad so can’t take her with us. We are hoping to find a loving family for her so the price is not in the first place for us. She is without breed documents. She is vaccinated and has microchip. She is not neutralised yet. She comes with everything she needs: her bed, playing kit, toilet, litter and food. It’s a great loss for us, but I hope she will get a new, loving home soon. Can send more photos if you like.

Leeds Cats

Beautiful fluffy Maine Coon kittens

Beautiful fluffy Maine Coon kittens - Birmingham, , United Kingdom

We have lovely Maine coon kittens both males and females. They are litter trained,flea and worm free, vet checked. The kittens are very playful and friendly with children and dogs. These kittens are 10 to 12 weeks old and ready to leave their mum. Mum and dad are home pets also can be seen. Mum is pure Maine coon, dad is also a pure Maine Coon. The parents are big cats. The kittens go with a starter pack which includes: royal canin dry food, some wet food, litter box, litter, and toys. To secure the kitten deposit is required. Welcome to meet them. Available in following colors; Tortoiseshell/white, Tortoiseshell, white, Silver Mackerel Tabby, Brown Mackerel tabby classic, smoke black, red classic and others.



Birmingham Cats

2 White Ragdoll kittens available

2 White Ragdoll kittens available - london, , United Kingdom
We have 2 gorgeous Ragdoll Kittens available and are ready to go to their new families as of now since we have just a very limited time here as we are already packed and just hoping to find them a suitable home. Kittens are fully vaccinated and Dewormed prior leaving. And they will have a complete health exam from our vet before they go to their new home. Our cats are PKD negative and FIV/FELV negative, and they are all indoor cats only. We only feed top quality food to our cats and kittens. Kittens are well socialized and will be litter box trained. Contact for viewing. and for more information. Leave me your whatsapp contacts for ease communication.
London Cats

Gorgeous bsh kittens

Gorgeous bsh kittens - Grantham, , United Kingdom

My little tabby British shorthair has given birth to 5 gorgeous kittens.
These little balls of fluff are currently 7 weeks old and almost ready to leave!!! already litter trained and eating solids and all loving their fresh meat.
Exceptionally inquisitive and loving and its with much regret they shall be ready to leave at 8.5-9 weeks.


There are 2 boys and 3 girls as noted in the captions.
Only the little black boy has been reserved so far.
Please contact me via email 
For any questions, extra pictures or to arrange a viewing.
[email protected] uk 

Located in Grantham, Lincolnshire.
£125 there is a deposit of £30
Thank you.


6 beautiful British Short Hair kittens will be ready now.

6 beautiful British Short Hair kittens will be ready now. - Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

For inquiries sms us back via 07520606455 for more information


4 blue boys
2 blue girls

•2 boy reserved/sold
1 girls reserved

We are the owners of the sire and dam ( Felv/Fiv negative, PKD neutral)

They will leave us with:
GCCF registration
5 weeks free insurance
Health checked with vets
Kitten breeder pack
Litter and scratch post trained

If you have any questions- just drop us a line.

Birmingham Cats

Gorgeous Scottish fold and straight shorthair kitties

Gorgeous Scottish fold and straight shorthair kitties - England, , United Kingdom

Gorgeous Scottish fold and straight shorthair kitties for sale.Color in blue .
We are not pet dealers and resellers, we are not the pet store. We never sell our kittens from the store, always just from our house.
All our babies born and raised in our home. We want to be personally assured that the people who are buying kitties are doing so much for the right reasons.